IMMUNOSTEP has a wide-experience team for development of reagents and devices,  as well as an aggressive R&D program headed by a brilliant scientific team. Among we can highlight:

  • Ricardo Jara Acevedo. CEO and  Manager Director, phone: +34 923 294 827 Ext. 101
  • José Claros Parra. Service and Purchasing Director, phone: +34 923 294 827 Ext. 102
  • Alfredo Conde Alonso. Production Director, phone: +34 923 294 827 Ext. 104
  • Marta González Carrera. Quality Manager ,phone +34 923 294 827 Ext. 103
  • Ángeles Cabero García. CFO. phone: +34 923 294 827 Ext.106
  • Nuria Herrero Martín. Administration Department and Customer Support, phone: +34 923 294 827 Ext. 105
  • José Manuel Cortés Salgado. Sales Specialist Spain, Mobil Phone: +34  677 297 186
  • Óscar Gala Sánchez. Sales Specialist International, Mobil Phone: +34 677 298 077


IMMUNOSTEP mission is to develop and market innovative products that improve the diagnostic and clinical research by flow cytometry.


IMMUNOSTEP vision is to be a world leader in flow cytometry market. That is the reason why company has an aggressive program for development of new products, through technology licensing, collaborations and internal development, which will ensure to reach our goals. 


IMMUNOSTEP is a company with a mixed business model as the one hand develops, manufactures and markets products for research and diagnostic and other development services performed under contract.

With regard to products, the company is focused on the development and commercialization of reagents, kits and devices for use in flow cytometry. These products are used for both research and diagnostics.

In the area of R&D company has a "pipeline" of development very close to the market, which solves medical needs result in the area of diagnosis and are supported by 10 international patents.

Intensifying our commitment of provide a high quality products, IMMUNOSTEP is working under an ISO 13485:2016 certified quality management system, which meets international standards for medical device and reagent manufacturing.

Set up in 2001, IMMUNOSTEP is located in Salamanca (Spain), in the Scientific Park of the University of Salamanca, the oldest founded university in Spain and the third oldest European university in continuous operations, which has a diagnostic Service and clinical research in Flow Cytometry globally recognized.